Posted by: Katy Welter | November 18, 2009

Annapurna Circuit, Day 8

Gangapurna Tal and Thorung La Pass covered in snow in the distance.

Today was our mandatory acclimatisation day in Manang. Manang is at a3,540 meters and the Thorung La Pass is another 2,000 meters up. In order to reach the pass in 3 days, as planned, we need to give our bodies a chance to catch up to our current altitude. One of the best ways to do that is to climb high, sleep low, as I mentioned earlier. So we opted to hike up about 1200 feet to the Gangapurna viewpoint–a lookout that offers views of Annapurna III (7,555 m), Gangapurna (7,454 meters), glacier, and lake (which is fed by the glacier). It was nice to hike without packs on our backs, and we had a little rest at a viewpoint and then walked down.

We grabbed a little mac & cheese for lunch (yak cheese is much better than the parmesan-type cheese we had earlier in the hike!), but I was doomed to an afternoon of hotsy coldsies. 😦 While I was detained, Rick attended a free lecture on Acute Mountain Sickness (a catch-all for the many altitude-related illnesses) offered by the Himalayan Rescue Association, a group of western volunteer doctors. He got a lot of good info and confirmed that we are faring well (aside from my tummy troubles, which aren’t related to altitude). We had another early dinner of spaghetti and chess and called it a night.

Hmmmm... didn't see any mule steak on the menu???


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