Posted by: Katy Welter | January 30, 2010


Sheila’s place is always full of surprises. Within hours of our arrival, we’d seen baby alpacas, cane toads (and cane toad tadpoles), and, most fun of all, green frogs! But these weren’t your typical green frog. These were toilet-dwelling green frogs!

Sheila has a set of public restrooms near her house, for the many visitors to the farm. Since Rick and I are staying in the traditional pioneer hut, these restrooms are for us as well. When I went to use the toilet, I saw that the back of the stall door had a sign saying I should leave the top lid down so that frogs don’t jump in!

A cautionary sign.

I thought the sign was some kind of joke. Then, I flushed. Despite having just read the sign, I was shocked to see *three* large, green frogs dive into the toilet bowl along with the water!

Not your ordinary flush! (The bits in the bowl are from *them*!)

I left the bathroom and went to the house, where I found Sheila and Rick and asked what I should do about these loo loungers! Sheila said, “I was hoping you’d take them out!” Being a lifelong frog catcher, I was happy to do so.

Lucky for you, this has been happening a couple of times a day, every day that we’ve been here! Here are the highlights.

Making new friends.

Stiff neck from living in a toilet?

Taking a shower break from the bowl . . .



  1. One of my favorite posts!!! Rick – maybe they were related to Gilly?! This was so cute! The pics will be hanging in my cube….. I’m calling Joey and Ben to watch it and will show Casey too. Yeah – this made my morning. Love, mom

  2. Too funny! Reminded me of all 4 of you and frog catching at Lily Lake. Loved seeing you healthy and happy!

    Love, Mom

    PS See you soon. Yea!

  3. Way too funny! 🙂 I could see where that might be a bit of a surprise if you weren’t expecting it! YIKE! 🙂

  4. Thanks! I love frogs. They have a really pretty color. I feel life exuding from the video. You have a really lovely wife and life! Congratulation on being you.


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