Posted by: rbieterm | January 31, 2010

Life back on the farm…

Oh man… is it ever hot.  98 degrees in the shade!  Sure makes for some long hours.  Luckily, Sheila has been taking very good care of us.  A break around 10, lunch at 1, and a nice cool shower at 5 followed by some wonderful meals.

Our days are similar to what they were 6 months ago.  Lots of care for the pacas and some painting and heavy lifting here and there.  When we arrived, we were so happy to learn that there were 2 pacas born less than two weeks ago.  Here’s one now…

Katy thought she would strum this 5 day old like a guitar...

While I had the honor of handling dad, the new "macho" in town.

And here's the whole family posing for their holiday card. Happy Australia Day everyone. Look at dad giving his daughter a big kiss while tending to mom's needs too 🙂 What a family man.

As if this wasn’t enough of a treat, we helped in the mating process once again.  I’ll never forget that sound.

We took Osama for another walk.

I took Osama on his last walk at Triple Peaks. He was off to a new farm the day we left.

And a couple days later, we had a new arrival.  A BABY GIRL!

It's a girl. Check out that umbilical cord!

The sniff test. Are you my baby?

Pacas on watch. Baby in the middle.

Do you like my eyelashes?

"And I'm not very good at eating yet."

A few hours after the birth of our young INDIANA (that’s the paca’s name), we decided to celebrate at the Rathdowney rodeo!

Ahhh, felt like I was right back at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

But if you’ve ever been to a rodeo, you know music isn’t the main attraction.  The first bull rider we saw was 4 years old, “the youngest man in the National Rodeo Association.  Let’s see how he does.

And this guy (as the announcer said) needed some medical attention.

To wind down our week and celebrate another great experience, Sheila invited us to her friends house for a gourmet wood fire pizza party.

Where there is pizza, there are camels??

and wallabies...

And a live in alpaca who was crazy about wood fired pizza!

And a few days later, we were off again.  Next destination Tasmania.

Thanks Triple Peaks and Sheila for some wonderful memories and new friendships.



  1. So nice to see you smiling back on the alpaca farm. Thank you for sharing the alpaca pictures….. especially the baby! See you soon!! Love, mom

  2. I loved Indiana! What a wonderful experience with a great woman. Thank you Sheila for being good to Katy and Rick!

  3. Have fun with Bill in Tasmania.

    Love, Mom xoxo

  4. AAAAH! The alpacas are SO cute. The baby is hilarious! Especially that picture of the eye lashes! Will you see a Tasmanian devil? I hope so.


  5. Loved the post! The baby ‘pacas are way too cute! Those eyes (and eyelashes) are amazing! What a great experience even though the heat must have been oppressive! Sheila sounds like a great lady!!

  6. i love pacas!!!!!!
    The more i see them the more they start to edge out my love for goats…but not quite!
    Have a great hike in Tasmania…looking forward to see Bill make the blog. 2 weeks till we get to see you!! the countdown has begun. Have a wonderful last leg of your trip. what a ride!

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