Posted by: rbieterm | February 11, 2010

The Overland Track (Tasmania)

Though the logistics of getting to the trailhead we’re terribly painful (I’ll explain later.), we finally reached what many consider one of the top five hikes in the world… The Overland Track.

A bit misty but nothing a wide brim hat can't handle.

Seconds later, we spotted a wombat! They look like a koala faced overweight rodent.

The track consists of a fifty mile horseshoe beginning at Cradle Mountain and finishing at Lake St. Clair with a handful of side trips to summits (including Mt. Ossa) and waterfalls. Much of the track is boardwalk (some new, some old) although there is quite a bit of tree root and rock hopping/dodging. I’d advise some high ankle support on this one.

So here’s how our 5 days went…

Why can't they make rain pants that breathe? Within minutes, the layers had to come off and Katy realized Bill was wearing an old pair of her pants!

It was pretty flat up until this point and then came Marion's lookout, an intense 30 min. uphill climb.

The stairs were nice but an elevator might have been better.

At the top, things got a little windy.

I can fly!

And a bit foggy.

But eventually the sun came out to play again... and so did the greenery!

Full bloom in Tassie.

Even the rocks grow bright green.

By day 3, the rain had passed and it was all smiles.

Even through this maze of forest.

And around the rock wall.

Eventually we found our way out of the forest and into more dramatic scenery.

In Tassie, no water treatment is necessary. You can drink right out of the stream.

Steep cliffs and broccoli trees (well, they look like broccoli stalks anyway).

Camp below Mt. Ossa

Our view from the kitchen.

Sunset and pizza bombs!

The next morning, we began our hike up Mt. Ossa

The FALSE summit.

The real summit. Way to go Bill!

A long hard hike deserves a cold drink from the puddle.

On our way down, we saw these men and women who were trail running the entire 50 miles in one day! Unbelievable!! And we thought we were tough.

Later that night, we had a visitor, a brush tail opossum. He loved crackers.

But who needs crackers anymore, we found Lake St. Clair. Our journey is over.

So I showed you the beauty. Tough to beat. But here were the problems and expenses we ran into getting to the trailhead.

1. No car means public transportation. $50 dollar one way bus ticket from Hobart (3 hours) and another $50 back. Even if you have a car, you have to park it at the end of the trail and take a 2 hour bus ($100 dollars per person) to the trailhead. Pain in the butt and not much of an advantage.

2. You must buy a parks pass as well as an Overland Track pass (total cost $150 dollars per person) and you must start on the start date you give the parks or you may not start at all. Hope nothing goes wrong. No refunds given. Do your research before you begin. For a 5 day hike, the expenses add up pretty quick. I’ve done it once. It was beautiful, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.



  1. Another great adventure and beautiful scenery!
    🙂 Hard to believe it is coming to an end, but I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about your trip when you get home. Loved the picture of Bill and Katy cracking up!! 🙂

  2. So cool. Those pictures (as usual) are just amazing. Makes us so anxious to hike (or do anything that doesn’t involve avoiding several inches–if not feet–of snow). Good luck with your return. We’re sending all positive energy your way!!

  3. Amazing views. Green is my favorite color. White/gray is not.

  4. Loved it all but my favorite was of Bill and Katy laughing about the pants!

    Love, Mom

  5. That one guy who made the summit looks like he’s never been camping before.

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