Our Story

We still live in Chicago, but we’re no longer twenty somethings. Rick is teaching science again, and Katy is working in law & policy, writing, and collaborating on a book/music/film review site, http://www.bookpunchreviews.com. They’ve moved from Hyde Park to Wicker Park, where they share an old coach house with Scout and (newcomer) Muddy.


So . . . we (Rick & Katy) are Chicago twentysomethings who met in Wyoming in June 2008 on a NOLS course.  After 70 days in the mountains (and deserts and rivers), we decided to have a go of things in Chicago. On August 2nd, after lots of planning and anticipation, we left Chicago to travel the world for several months. Hope you enjoy our posts, whether you’re following along, or just popping in for one!

After 28 days in the Rockies

After 28 days in the Rockies

Currently, Rick is a high school science teacher temporarily retired, and Katy is a recent law grad law student. Katy and Rick live in Hyde Park Chicago with Scout, a giant pluffball of golden retriever joy. More details about this monkey on the “Scout” page.

At the Indiana Dunes

At the Indiana Dunes

Some more photos for fun.


After a nap.

Ricky's up to something! (In Yellowstone.)

Ricky's up to something! (In Yellowstone.)

Making a plan for the next day's hike.

Making a plan for the next day's hike.

In front of the "Space Cube" in Utah -- August 2008

In front of the "Space Cube" in Utah -- August 2008



  1. Too cute for words!

  2. Good Luck

  3. Hi Rick and Katy,
    I was able to read all of what you have done and what an adventure you all have had! So sorry about the sad news about Jennifer – she went home much sooner than I expected, but is eternally happy.

    I am going to try to write more tomorrow! Hope this quick note finds you both well and loving where you are at! How exciting your adventures are!!!

    May God keep you safe on your journey!


  4. Don’t know you but your blog is AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics with the elephants!

  5. Simply love the idea of travelling the wordl! Have fun!!! Loadss of fun!!

  6. simply love everything you’re doing in here. sounds so much fun!

  7. What an adventure. I’m simply drooling. HOW can you afford such a trip?

  8. Nice!!

  9. Hi! you guys are awesome! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll. 🙂 I really really love what you’re doing!

  10. Ahh jealousy. Looks like you’re having an amazing time 🙂

  11. Great blog! Happy travels 😉

  12. Coach Bieterman!!! Its Marisa and Hana. We watched the lama video and it was nastyyy. hahahah

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