Travel Map

Okay, the travellerspoint program was not working out so well. It didn’t recognize half the towns I entered and took forever to update. I’ll update major cities, but here’s an exact list of everywhere we’ve been and how we got there!

Australia August 4 – August 27, 2009

August 2: Chicago –> St. Louise –> Los Angeles –> Brisbane (arrive August 4, via American Airlines, plane)

August 5: Brisbane –> Tamborine Mountain (train to Beenleigh; “Maxi Taxi” to TM)

August 12: Tamborine Mountain –> Beaudesert (car to Cannungra, walk to Wonglepong, hitchhike to Beaudesert)

August 13: Beaudesert –> Rathdowney (Sheila pickup in car)

August 19: Rathdowney –> Beaudesert (Sheila, car) –> Brisbane (bus) –> Noosa (campervan) –> Gympie (cv)

August 20: Gympie –> Hervey Bay –> Gladstone (cv)

August 21: Gladstone –> Townsville (cv)

August 22: Townsville –> Magnetic Island, or “Maggie” (ferry)

August 23: Maggie –> Townsville (ferry)

August 24: Townsville –> Cairns (cv)

New Zealand: August 27 – September 24, 2009

August 27: Cairns –> Brisbane –> Auckland Airport (plane) –> Auckland city (taxi) –> Manatua (Spaceship van! Note: unless otherwise noted, all transit in NZ was via our Spaceship, Optimus Prime)

August 28: Manatua –> Auckland Airport –> Auckland City

August 30: Auckland city –> Rotorua

September 1: Rotorua –> Taupo –> Napier

September 3: Napier –> Taupo –> Waitomo

September 4: Waitomo –> Auckland

September 5: Auckland –> Paihia (Bay of Islands)

September 8: Paihia –> Auckland (Devenport)

September 9: Auckland –> Auckland Airport –> Tongariro (National Park)

September 11: Tongariro –> Wellington

September 12: Wellington –> Picton (ferry) –> Westport

September 13: Westport –> Barrytown –> Franz Joseph

September 14: Franz Joseph –> Haast

September 15: Haast –> Queenstown

September 16: Queenstown –> Te Anau/Fiordland Nat’l Park

September 17: Te Anau –> Milford Sound –> Te Ana/Fiordland Nat’l Park

September 18: Te Anau –> Queenstown

September 19: Queenstown –> Mount Cook / Aoraki National Park

September 20: Mount Cook / Aoraki –> Lake Tekapo

September 21: Lake Tekapo –> Christchurch (just outside)

September 22: Christchurch suburb –> Christchurch

Australia (again): September 24 – September 27, 2009

September 24: Christchurch –> Christchurch airport (bus) –> Sydney (plane)–> Syndey proper (train)

September 26: Sydney –> Manly Beach (ferry) –> Sydney

Malaysia: September 27 – October 4, 2009

September 27: Sydney –> Brisbane –> Kuala Lumpur airport (plane) –> Kuala Lumpur city (train) (arrived morning of September 28)

September 29: Kuala Lumpur –> Batu –> Kuala Lumpur (city bus)

September 30: Kuala Lumpur –> Tapah Rata, Cameron Highlands (charter bus)

October 3: Tapah Rata –> Georgetown/Penang (charter bus)

Thailand October 4 — November 2

October 4: Penang –> Penang Airport (city bus) –> Phuket airport (flight) –> Phuket Town (bus) –> Ko Phi Phi (ferry)

October 8: Ko Phi Phi –> Krabi Town (ferry)

October 9: Krabi town –> Nammao Bay (taxi) –> Railay Beach (longboat) –> Krabi Town (longboat)

October 10: Krabi town –> Bangkok Airport –> Chiang Mai Airport (plane) –> Chiang Mai city

October 19: Chiang Mai –> Doi Suthep –> Chiang Mai (motorbike)

October 20: Chiang Mai –> Pai (motorbike)

October 22: Pai –> Soppong (motorbike)

October 24: Soppong –> Chiang Mai

Nepal November 2-??

November 2:  Chiang Mai –> Chiang Mai Airport (songthaew) –> Bangkok Airport –> Mumbai Airport –> Delhi Airport –> Kathmandu Airport (plane) –> Dhapasi Heights (insane taxi)

November 11:  Kathmandu –> Dumre (tourist bus) –> Besishahar (local bus)

November 12:  Besishahar –> Behundar (walk)

November 13:  Behundar –> Tal (walk)

November 14:  Tal –>Danaque (walk)

November 15:  Danaque –> Chame (walk)

November 16:  Chame –> Upper Pisang (walk)

November 17:  Upper Pisang –> Manang (walk)

November 19:  Manang –> Yak Kharka (walk)

November 20:  Yak Kharka –> Thorung Phedi High Camp (walk)

November 21:  Thorung Phedi High Camp –> Muktinath (walk)

November 22:  Muktinath –> Kagbeni (walk)

November 23:  Kagnebi –> Tukuche (walk)

November 24:  Tukuche –> Ghasa (walk)

November 25:  Ghasa –> Ghara (walk)

November 26:  Ghara –> Ghorepani (walk)

November 27:  Ghorepani –> Naya Pul (walk) –> Pokhara (local bus)

. . . will update as I have spare Internet time . . .



  1. Hi Chief,

    I started checking your travels a few weeks ago and I thought that once I get back to school I could track your travels with my Geography class. I have a world map in class on the back board and we could mark your travels. Hope things are going well. Enjoy this wonderful experience. I know you’re going to miss teaching those Co Taught classes come August.


  2. Rick,
    Looks like you are having an amazing adventure throughout the country. Those pictures you have taken are unbievable. I will continue to follow your adventures. By the way see if you can get a shot of the legendary Big Foot for all of us.


    • Ike…I’ve been looking everywhere for Bigfoot! Still no sign! Maybe he’s migrated “down under” and we’ll have a better chance there. Hope the summer has been great and that you’re getting excited about football. Tell the gang hello!

  3. Mr. B!
    I’m going to South Africa in 11 days near Kruger park. we can meet up there or on the southern coast in 6 weeks. Also I’ll be in Bolivia/Peru after December, but I don’t know where exactly…

    • Wow!!! Unbelievable! You need to do a blog too. Africa is still a ? as of now. Might happen in Jan. Enjoy the hell out of it and keep me posted as much as you can.

      • I have a blog with, just search tyler mascarello and it should come up. Im currently raising a baby rhino, come by and you can meet my son!

  4. Katy and Rick! How fun for ya’ll to spend time in the wonderful world of God! Your mom (Katy) sent me your blog. I’m your Texas cousin. We met at your grandma’s beach home. I had my two kids, Chase and Sky w/ me. Sky is almost 28, amrried and expecting the first baby on your mother’s birthday! Daughter Chase(24) got married last November.
    Anyway, I love your postings, pics, and videos. It’s a great learning tool and I’m gonna have to share some of it w/ my 4th grade class.
    I had heard koalas were not safe to handle; you dispelled that rumor or was that a SPECIAL one?
    Be safe. God bless your travels!
    Loved the camper spaceship!
    XO, Char


  6. I found your blog through WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” today, and it feels quite serendipitous since our plans for our next adventure include Australia and SE Asia! May I ask if you two are working within a budget, or have any tips to pass on to two budget travelers?

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